About Us


Business Goals

Date of Establishment: June of 2002

Our Goals
We desire to introduce the creativity and healthiness of Korean cuisine to the multicultural society of Australia, whilst also fostering interest and pride within the next generation of Korean Australians for the ____ (innovation and ___ ) of Korean culture.


Business ethics

sacrifice, consideration, embracing, together, sharing

Onggi Underlying Business Values
As a business we put high emphasis on sacrifice for the next generation, consideration, acceptance, togetherness, and cooperation.



Why Onggi Kimchi?

Onggi Wombok Kimchi

The process of production for Wombok Kimchi:
Preparation: The cabbage is cut in half and placed within a basin of salt water.
Rinsing and Drying Process: After 13 hours, the cabbage is taken out of the salt water basin and rinsed three times by clean water. Then it is left to dry.


Seasoning Process

 A dressing primarily consisting of chilli pepper and anchovy sauce is created and the cabbage is seasoned with this dressing.
Natural Fermentation: After this, the kimchi is left within a cold environment, which allows for the kimchi to undergo a slow process of fermentation.


The benefits of Kimchi

 Kimchi is known to have many health benefits because the healthy effects of each individual ingredient is preserved. Consumers of Kimchi enjoy the benefits of ingredients such as garlic, ginger, shallots and onion. Furthermore, the natural fermentation process produces many additional health benefits— Kimchi is rich in probiotics which aids in combatting aging, as well as providing a healthy immune system. In fact, Kimchi is so beneficial to health, it has been termed as a “super food” by many.